ProSkateCorner offers skate maintenance and equipment consultation services for individuals and teams throughout The Greater Toronto Area.  For team pricing, please contact us.


Make your acquaintance with professional skate optimization through our skate sharpening, profiling and alignment services that are highly sought after in The Greater Toronto Area.


After years of experience serving individuals and teams from minor leagues to the NHL, ProSkateCorner can help equip you for the performance of your life.


Every athlete’s needs are different when it comes to their skate blade’s bite requirements.  You tell us what you need from your blades, and we’ll sharpen them to rise to your performance standards.  We offer both radius of hollow (ROH) and flat bottom V (FBV).

$8.00 +hst

True Skate Fitting and Adjustments

Whether you live in The Greater Toronto Area or anywhere around the world, we can help you get into the pair of skates meant exactly for you.  Feel how skates are meant to feel, by barely feeling them at all.



Prevent injury and increase performance ability with properly profiled blades. While sharpening addresses the glide or bite of the blade, profiling eliminates any unnecessary curves and balances out both blades.

$39.95 +hst

Hockey Team Equipment Sourcing

Keep your team in winning gear at group pricing.  Trust decades of experience and rich industry contacts to get the equipment your team needs to succeed.


Blade Alignment

Get your blades where they need to be on your skate boot to help maximize strength in your stride.  Whether or pronate or supinate, a blade alignment will help elevate your skating abilities and ultimately, your game.

$10 +hst per skate

Skate Assessments

A lot can be determined with a thorough analysis of how you move on the ice.  After watching a game or practice, you can learn how to help realize your full skating potential by tweaking skate maintenance, equipment and training.


Holder and Runner Installation

Bring your own holders and runners to be expertly installed. Holders and runners are also available for purchase.

$10 +hst per skate

Used Skate Exchange

Growing feet still need to be able to fly.  Drop off or pick up hockey skates previously performed in.  Join our mailing list to be kept up to date on our second hand selection.