4 Signs your hockey skate blades need to be profiled

4 Signs your hockey skate blades need to be profiled

Getting hockey skate blades profiled to fit your skating style will save the time and energy it takes to  “get used” to new steel after just a sharpen.  Hockey in Ontario is very competitive and the faster you can adjust to freshly tuned skates the better. Blade profiling is a service that many hockey players don’t take advantage of simply because the benefits are not as widely known as sharpening.  How can you tell if your blades need to be profiled?

Here are four signs it’s time to consider  blade profiling next time you take your skates to the shop.

1.Your stride isn’t as long as you would like it to be.

While sharpening tends to the edge of the blade, profiling tends to the shape.  If your blades are too round, your strides will be shorter, if they are too flat, your strides will be very long and require a lot of muscle power to complete.  If something doesn’t feel right when you push off, it’s time to get the profile of your blades looked at.

2.  Your turns aren’t as sharp  or as wide as you’d like them to be.

If your blades are too flat, it will be harder to make sharp turns and if your blades are too round it will be harder to make wide turns.  Depending on what position you play and what your turn requirements are to perform the way you need to on the ice, the blade profile will be very important in getting you to be able to turn the way you need to.


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3. You lean too forward or backward.

Leaning too forward or backward while skating is a classic sign your pitch is off.  If you are feeling off-balance and have your mind on trying to stay upright while skating, your skates need profiling.

4.  Your skates feel like they are too sharp or too dull.

If you are feeling your sharp isn’t what you need it to be, then maybe the problem isn’t your latest sharpening but the shape of the blade. Ask around and take your skates into a trusted skate shop to get your blades to where they need to be.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, don’t be shy. Come and get your skates tuned by the best. You won’t regret it.



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